“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.” – Brene Brown

Reaching out for help is hard, and finding the right therapist often makes it harder.  I have 17 years of experience helping individuals, both LGBT and straight, meet their goals around relationship issues, anxiety, stress, life/work balance, life transitions, grief, as well as deeper life questions.  As a meditation teacher and a psychotherapist, I provide a safe, supportive space for you to explore challenging subjects and provide you with the tools to meet your goals and succeed.  My approach is greatly influenced by attachment theory and neuroscience.  Attachment theory explores how healthy emotional and physical relationships form and what obstacles often arise.  Neuroscience helps to bring a practical approach of better understanding symptoms and/or behaviors, while also providing tools to better support ourselves in certain situations.

Free Phone Consultations


I’d love to talk to you about what is going on, and to explore how therapy could be beneficial.  I offer a 15 minute free phone consultation, and welcome any questions you may have.